Blessed with boys

I am not a recreational shopper. I find no real joy in going to a store without a clear agenda. When it comes to clothes and shoes for me, I find brands with consistent sizes and order online when there are sales and free shipping. 

Most of the time,  the boys get hand me down clothes or things I find on clearance or presents from family. They really don’t care what it looks like as long as it feels right. So I mostly shop without them to avoid having to be in a store with them.

Little J needed new shoes for school though. He is on the verge of sizes and I knew he needed to try shoes on to get a good fit.  So we braved the shoe store today. We walked in, went to the boys sneakers and immediately found a pair he liked that came in red or blue. His favorite color is blue so I checked those first.  “Sorry bud they don’t have your size in blue. ” “That’s  ok mom, I can wear red. ” They had them in his size, tried them on, and they fit well.

Mission accomplished in 5 minutes. I asked God to give me boys for reasons like this. So glad he agreed with me those 2 times in my life.

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