Deliberate Decisions

This is probably one of the hardest blogs I have ever written. I’ve been turning it over in my brain all week. Hard because it is mostly about me and not about the kids.

We all make decisions (conscious and unconscious) that affect everything else. I have been trying to be more deliberate with mine for a while now. I want the decisions I make to help me be the best, mom, friend, and person I can be. Some decisions are small and one time events. Others are more long term. Recently I decided that facebook was becoming a place to over share. It started as a great place to catch up with old friends that I had moved away from (Texas, Michigan, Idaho, Guam, Massachusetts, Nevada, Mississippi, etc.) and lost touch with. Remember when we all had to write in the 3rd person? It was a place to ask for help, play games with my friends and family, share pictures, and more. Lately though I find myself writing status updates in my head about everything that is happening. And then rewriting them to make them better. When something funny happens in our house, my kids ask “Are you going to put that on facebook?” . They also beg me to take pictures and post them. I am concerned about what kind of social media example I am setting. About two weeks ago I decided not to post anything or “share” anything for a few days. Guess what? I didn’t die. I missed it, I still read the newsfeed, I still put statuses up in my head, I still commented on friends’ updates that really mattered, but I kept all my day to day stuff to myself.

That’s when I realized that my blog would be a better venue. I have to put thought into a blog. It is usually about one item or group of similar items. It gives me the space to be wordy. And only the people who really care what is going on have to read it. I’ve always had my blog linked to network blogs so anytime I post here, a link shows up on facebook. For the future, I am going to be using Facebook a lot less. I will try and post the important, silly, thoughtful things here several times a week. 

In the meantime, here are some other decisions I’ve made in the last five years to help me, our family, and our health. 

*Only play online games that can be paused or are over in less than 2 minutes. (I don’t want to be so engaged in a game that it is inconvenient to stop and help my kids.)

*Record all my favorite shows and watch them after the kids are settled for the night and fast forward commercials. 

*Only add 1-2 new shows per year. As my old shows retire, don’t replace the time slot.

*Read more books. I used to do this a lot before kids. I make reading important for them so it follows that it should be important for me.

*Relax in the hammock. (I got a great one in Honduras when I was 18. This is the 1st house I’ve ever used it at. Recently, I have been hanging out in it during the rain storms/monsoons since it is on a covered porch)

*Eat less carbs. (I hate this one, but it helps.)

*Use less chemicals in the house (I make citrus Enzyme and use a lot of baking soda, vinegar and goatmilk soap,)

*Make consistent and frequent time to spend with friends. 

*Set a rough weekly schedule for household chores — and make the boys participate

*Turned off the notifications for facebook and email on my phone. 

Not a complete list, but they are some of the major ones that I not only made but have continued.

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