Starbucks + Sushi + Swimming laps =

Stress relief.  Broadway show tunes on Pandora helps too.


J finally had his first rough day at school. It took 4 weeks for there to be an incident bad enough for them to call instead of email me. First of all,  4 weeks from the start of school is a record. 2 weeks was the previous record.  Secondly, he was able to turn his behavior around with in an hour after I coached the staff through the script of what discipline he’d have to look forward to if he didn’t change his attitude.  And last of all, the rest of the day was not lost after a bad morning. Three cheers all around.

The week has been minor stresses heaping up on each other with this morning being an extra heap. So tonight I’m glad they are with their dad and I can spend some time destressing by the pool.


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