Beach Boys, anyone?

Ever since I saw Jersey Boys Broadway show in June, I’ve been using the Beach Boys Pandora station to motivate me for my morning swim workouts. There’s just something about their easy summer vibe that makes me want to dive into the pool. I stopped checking the thermometer earlier in the summer so that it wouldn’t be a deterrent from jumping in. So now I get up early 2-3 weekdays and both Saturday and Sunday, plug the iPod into the speaker and just start swimming. Hopefully if the neighbors can hear it, they don’t mind.
Grace likes to lifeguard by running along side the pool as I swim. She almost always stops at the halfway point to make sure I take a breath. Sometimes I want to fake drowning just to see what she would do.  A couple times a week, J is also awake at that time. He likes to come out and either read in the hammock it sit by the pool and try to talk to me in between laps. It has been good for him to start his morning off with relaxing.
I never thought that both he and I could have better days just by starting them earlier instead of snoozing later.




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