Reversed Captive audience

Today as we were leaving our neighborhood to go to school Little J commented on the Sun beams coming out of the clouds. He had a lot to tell me this morning and while I was a part of the conversation, what he had to say was better than anything I could have said. So I’m just going to give you his side.


Mom the Sun coming out of the clouds reminds me of Jesus shining down on us. I wish I knew what Jesus really looked like. I wish I could be one of the first to heaven so that I would be the first to see him. If he was here with me then I would ask him to heal me from my cough. I know I can pray, I do it all the time in my mind. I wish I could have been one of the kids that went to see Jesus, even though the disciples thought that they were bothering him but it doesn’t matter anyway Jesus loves you even if you are bothering him.

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