Voracious reader


This kid is why I spend as many hours working at the Scholastic warehouse sale as I can each year. They pay me in books. Since he is in middle school this year, he has to complete book reports instead of taking multiple choice quizzes for accelerated reader.  The book report was designed to be used with a book the class is reading over the course of a week and asks for him to make a prediction. The teacher modified it for him and said he could choose his own book since he brings a stack with him everyday. So tonight I told him he had to use a book he’d never read to make a proper prediction. He says, “Only one problem mom, I’ve read everything in our house! ” That was my cue to go to the secret box and pull out one of my earnings from the spring. I think I’ve got enough to make it to the next sale.

The logical thing would be to get him to get new books from the library (public or school) but as a child who likes routine, he rarely picks anything new and just rotates his choices through a few favorites. He also likes to devour books he’s reading. He’ll read it through quickly (500 wpm ) and then reread it for a few days savoring and reenacting his favorite chapters. If he owns the book, he can do this on his own without having a deadline to turn it back in.

This year I gave him a rolling backpack/small luggage to take to school for that ever increasing stack of books he insists on taking every day. Trying to keep him from the back trouble 30+ lbs of books can cause.

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