The good, the bad, the birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It is often under celebrated because the boys just don’t care and I’m a grownup who still has to do grownup things like parent and work.   The morning started at 530am which is far too early for my liking.  J needed a measuring cup to make his oatmeal. Hard to be mad when he has already dressed himself and is making his own breakfast.

Unfortunately, on the way to school we had an unexpected and difficult conversation that put him in a terrible mood. I dropped him off and headed to a friend’s house for breakfast. She thoughtfully cooked eggs and provided yogurt and fruit because she knew pastries and muffins (while easier) are not something I indulge in often. I called J’s case worker at school to give him a heads up about the morning. Around 940 he called me with bad news. J had made some bad and unsafe choices and they had to remove him from class. He was still struggling to calm down. I asked to speak to him but all he would do is plug his ears and sing “LA LA LA LA la” to the smurfs tune. Not his best move.  I informed him that I’d be there soon and he’d have to pay me for my time. Once I got there, he was calm and able to turn things around mostly. I got to leave after about 30 minutes. I know our conversation really didn’t help the fact that he was up early, there was a change in barometric pressure, and it was the day before the full moon. A perfect storm for emotional/behavioral imbalance.

Thankfully I got to finish my morning with my friend and then go out to lunch with another friend/my boss. We had a leisurely afternoon before I had to go into the office to work a few hours.

After work I got the kids and fully intended to take the evening easy and just make left overs. But we got invited out for dinner and headed to IHop. Ended the night watching a DVR show I share with a friend.

This morning I got up and dove into the pool to work off some of the birthday food. It’s a good thing I didn’t check the temperature since the water was less than 80 degrees.


My breakfast chef

Hopefully when I am out for endless shrimp at lunch tomorrow to finish the celebration J will be having a great day.


2 comments on “The good, the bad, the birthday

    • That’s great! Too bad I ruined mine already in the pool this morning. Hoping they’ll last through tomorrow afternoon.

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