Its really real now

Back in July a friend texted me and asked me to be her partner for a triathlon relay. She wanted me to do the swim portion. Thankfully it is a sprint tri and the swim is only 300 yards. I haven’t swam competitively in 17 years. Racing my kids in our ten yard pool doesn’t count. I’ve been working out in the pool all summer and trying to train. I won’t be the fastest but I also won’t be the slowest and I will finish. I went to get my race packet tonight, that makes it real.


Then I stopped to get some pre race dinner. I don’t know what everyone else is eating but I’m having the al pastor  nachos, hold the chips, add lettuce from my favorite local place Papa Locos. The owner gave me lots of encouragement for tomorrow which is even better than the food.  It is a good thing we are just in this for the fun.


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