Something for everyone

This weekend we crammed as much variety into 48 hours as was possible. Friday night little j “camped ” in the backyard at Mrs S’s.


Then we all met at the bowling alley for practice (Special Olympics ). Little j loves bowling but he has struggled to find a ball that is the right weight combined with the right finger sizes. He’s been bowling with a ball too heavy for him just to fit fingers in but then his thumb can’t reach. So I decided that if he agreed, I’d get him an early Christmas present. Originally I was going to get my Nana’s ball redrilled for him but it turned out to be too heavy. So the pro shop owner gave me a good deal and we got him a new ball.


He loves it so much that he has been practicing in the living room.

After bowling, S and I took all the kids to Olive Garden. They all like pizza, pasta and bread sticks so it was a winning place. S and I got to indulge in grownup food too.

Our big surprise for the day was to take all the kids to the reptile and amphibian show being held at the Expo center. It was a big hit. J talked with several people about things he knew and he even learned a few new facts.



We saw thousands of reptiles but J’s favorite area was the one with all the dangerous and venomous snakes. He had me take pictures of his favorites. He could tell me which book or movie he learned about the creature in and an interesting fact.
3 of the kids left with S to go to swimming practice. I kept the 3 who wanted to look at more creatures.


We had a pact that no live animals would be coming home. I’m proud to say I was able to resist. It was definitely easy to say no to J’s requests for a baby green anaconda.

Sunday after church time we went to the local science center and planetarium.



The boys played in the exhibits until the afternoon planetarium show started. It was a Magic Tree House adventure with Jack and Annie in space. They weren’t sure they’d like it but it was really cool in the planetarium dome. Afterwards, we went down to the marine discovery lab. J latched on to the college student running the lab and traded facts with her for quite awhile.
Sunday night I decided to be spontaneous and offered up bowling and pizza. Only little j wanted to go. So we asked some friends and headed out to the alley to play.


We stayed way past the kids’ bedtime but we all had fun. I even managed to have some luck and not be completely terrible.

We still have one more week of fall break. I’m hoping for at least one more day of fun before school gets started again.

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