Comic relief

Little j is naturally funny. Especially when he isn’t trying to be.
It is red ribbon week at school and every day has a theme. He was especially excited about mustache day. He let me draw one on with a blue marker. When I picked him up he told me that lots of kids had them drawn on but he thinks he was the only one with blue. He also said he wished it was mustache day everyday so that he could choose different colors and styles to draw. I made him scrub it off just before our scout meeting. He says this is his serious mustache face.


I’ve been trying to convince him it’s time for a hair cut. I think part of the reason he doesn’t want one is because he gets a kick out of styling it after his shower each night. Here’s his grease lightening/Elvis look.


Too bad he can only get his hair to do fun stuff when it is wet. As it dries it gets crazy and he had no interest in styling products. Also, he takes night showers so his hair dries while he sleeps… Recipe for hilarity in the morning.

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