And the award goes to….


Best Mom Ever!

When the boys grumble or complain about something I’ve done or made for them, I usually reply with, “I’m sorry, I think you meant to say, ‘Thanks mom, you’re the best mom ever'”

Yesterday they each said it on their own, in separate instances, without prompting, for something they were genuinely grateful for.

I couldn’t ask for a better reward.

(I’m writing this now as a reminder since lightning might not strike twice…or at least soon.)


What’s for lunch?

Little j: I forgot to take my lunch on Friday.
Me: so did you eat school lunch? What did you have?
Little j: salad.
Me: really? Salad? Did you eat any green stuff?
Little j : no but I ate some of it.
Me: what kind of salad?
Little j: chicken
Me: so you ate chicken off the salad?
Little j : yeah it was really chicken nuggets. And I ate the crunchy bread pieces.
Me: croutons?
Little j : yeah that and the roll.
Me: so you ate salad but you didn’t eat any vegetables?
Little j: I almost ate a zucchini. It was stuck to a proton. <— not a typo

At this point I couldn't stop giggling.

Conscientious lunch

We got up really really late yesterday. We took a lot of shortcuts to get ready and out the door for school. For J’s lunch, I slapped ham and cheese between bread and skipped making his usual pb&j. He doesn’t like mayo or mustard so that was a faster sandwich.

When he got home and unloaded his lunch bag he said, “Mom, I recycled my bread.”
You did what?
“I recycled my bread from my sandwich.”
What did you recycle it to?
“I saved it so you can turn it into a PB&J for my lunch tomorrow! “

Cross referenced


Last night J wanted to snuggle with me. We started out next to each other reading our respective materials. He had a new Ranger Rick magazine and I had my Kindle app. Then he got to a story about an iguana. And he had to look though his books to find the one on endangered species so that he could give me all the facts about the iguana. Then he turned the magazine page. In a matter of minutes, I got monologues from the movies/tv shows Totally Tropical Rainforest, Rio 2, and Wild Kratts to go along with the animals he encountered.

He left me with this gem:

Welcome to the rainforest. Mom we went into my book.

Great, can I still read my book? (kindle app on my phone. )

No you don’t have international coverage.

Escaping reality

J is convinced that he has a robot duplicate. This duplicate gets sent to school so that the real J gets to go on wild adventures or just stay in bed. He’ll tell me, “mom, this is not the real me in the car. This is my robot duplicate. The real me is on a cruise to Antarctica.” I usually respond with, “whoever you are better behave or the real J is going to be the one in trouble. ”

Side note, today I woke up and my first thought was, “why don’t I have a robot duplicate that can go to work for me today? “


J loves to say, “you know patience isn’t my strong suit. ”

Today I’m empathetic. Unfortunately I think what I usually say back to him is, “I know it’s not but you have to be patient anyway. ”

Trying to keep my mind off the things that have a longer timeline today.

Warp zone (or who wants to make a Halloween dream come true? )

Last night J came out of his room and told me he needed to write some stuff to Captain Barnacle. I wasn’t really paying  attention except to notice that he had his special pen that has a 3d fuzzy bird body on it (a gift from his elementary school parapro.) Lately he has been writing down summaries or verbatim dialogue from his favorite shows. I don’t discourage it since any initiative he takes towards handwriting instead of avoiding is a good thing. So, when he was done writing, he told me he needed an envelope. I asked him where he was planning to send it. He said he needed the mailman to send it through a warp zone to Captain Barnacles. After much discussion about how our local post couldn’t do that, I compromised and told him to put it in my work bag so I could mail it from the office.

After he went to bed, I got curious and decided to see what he wrote down. Turns out he wrote an original letter. 


This morning I asked who Captain Barnacle was. I assumed he was from Jake and the Neverland pirates and thought it might be an easy costume. I was wrong. He’s from Octonauts. Also, even though J acknowledged that they are animated fiction, he is fully convinced that a warp zone could bring them here.

If you perhaps get the letter in the warp zone, want to dress up for Halloween, and trick or treat with the boys, let me know. The octonauts link above will take you to meet the characters, but for reference here is captain barnacle.


An awkward question

Yesterday J asked me out of the blue, “Mom, what is testosterone?”

Immediately I’m thinking, “uh oh.” I have no idea where this is going. I have no idea how much he already knows and what answer he is looking for. So I decide to start small. “It is a hormone that most everyone has. Usually boys have more than girls.”

At that point he interrupts me, “The bull shark has more testosterone than any other animal on earth including the elephant.”

Whew! Crisis adverted. I am so not ready for these conversations with boys.