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Last night J wanted to snuggle with me. We started out next to each other reading our respective materials. He had a new Ranger Rick magazine and I had my Kindle app. Then he got to a story about an iguana. And he had to look though his books to find the one on endangered species so that he could give me all the facts about the iguana. Then he turned the magazine page. In a matter of minutes, I got monologues from the movies/tv shows Totally Tropical Rainforest, Rio 2, and Wild Kratts to go along with the animals he encountered.

He left me with this gem:

Welcome to the rainforest. Mom we went into my book.

Great, can I still read my book? (kindle app on my phone. )

No you don’t have international coverage.


My Amazing Dad

I don’t have enough words to say how great my dad is (for a lot of reasons but today this is one example), He is very handy with tools and know-how. When I was a pre-teen/teen, I helped with a lot of assistant jobs around our house. Plumbing, A/C, carpentry, etc. I never had the lead role but I was good at helping, holding, and just being good company. I was often backstage crew in High School and college. My skills were better than a lot thanks to my dad’s training. As an adult, about once a year, I ask him to help me with a major project. Most of the time it is something I can no longer hold together with duct tape or I don’t have the right tools for or I just don’t know the right way to do it.

This weekend he helped me replace the backwash valve and some plumbing for my pool. A job that was suppose to take 30 minutes took us several hours. Some of those hours were in the pouring rain. We took a trip to ACE for parts after we were both soaked head to toe. My dad is one of those people that when he starts a project, it gets finished. Even if you end up on plan C-Z. Which we kind of did. We didn’t have all the right tools, so we borrowed. We broke something, so we needed new parts to fix that too. The parts we needed don’t really exist. So we had to think out of the box. I am proud to say that no Duct tape was involved. Since Plumbing was involved, I had to wait 24 hours to test our work. I am thrilled to say that the pool filter and pump is now working better than ever.

A funny story about my dad fixing stuff. When I was a small kid, there was a night where when I went to bed and my dad was measuring a wall in our living room. He was considering moving a closet from one side of the hall into the doorway and creating a new doorway where the closet was. The current doorway looked into the hall bathroom and he wanted to obscure it. So yeah, I remember him having the tape measure and telling my mom it would work and I went to bed. The next morning was Saturday and it was cartoon time. The original layout of the house was my doorway and the livingroom doorway next to each other. I walked out of my room with my eyes half closed, hung a left, was expecting to walk into the couch in like five steps. Instead, I ran into a wall that I couldn’t get away from. That’s right. My dad moved the closet over night. But he didn’t put a door on it or any shelves. I was yelling “help” and still hadn’t really opened my eyes. My mom says she woke my dad up at the other end of the hall and told him “go rescue your daughter.” After he got me out of the closet, we watched some cartoons together. We still laugh about it, and I was thinking I need to write more stories down so I don’t forget them. 

My dad and mom with Little J and J on a spring Break day trip 2014.

My dad and mom with Little J and J on a spring Break day trip 2014.