Birthday do-over

Went to lunch at Red Lobster with a couple friends today. We went specifically for the endless shrimp promotion. I love their coconut shrimp bites and the sauce. So imagine my disappointment when they say they are out. I may have pouted, slightly. I settled for other flavors.
The manager came out later and offered 4 jumbo coconut shrimp as a consolation. She said she understood my disappointment since they are her favorite too and since this was my birthday lunch she wanted to do something nice for me. There was less pouting involved after that. Then my friends and I decided to split desert.


Finally got a candle to blow out

They brought us extra ice cream, a candle and the birthday song.

I was kicking myself on the way home because I meant to get a picture of me and my friends at lunch. My driver took a consolation picture of us in the jeep.


At least I didn’t get any calls about J today and could just enjoy my lunch.  He decided to save his attitude for tonight’s Bible class instead. 😦