Back to School and the Literal Thinker

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July 20, 2009


Last week he came home with a worksheet about colors.  They had to write the colors of the rainbow for step one.

Step 2 asked what their favorite color was.  Step 3 predicting what the class would choose. Step 4 tallying the class favorites. Step 5 the results.

And step 6:




Back from my pity party

Sorry if you read the last blog.  I’m really sorry if you are someone who considers yourself my friend and are not moving away.  I wasn’t trying to discount you at all.

On the way home from bible class tonight we were stopping at the mailbox and J says, “I think a rat got my shirt.” 

“A rat got in your shirt?”

“No a rat got my shirt.  See it bit this hole right here.”

“No dear, you bit your shirt.  Not a rat.”

“But Ms. Susan said a rat must have got my shirt and ate it.”

“J, Ms. Susan was teasing you.  You know you chewed on your shirt.”

“She was telling the truth.  A rat got in my shirt drawer”

Little J pipes in with, “But there aren’t any rats in the car right?”

Me “There are no rats in the car and there are no rats in our house.  J ate his shirt and Ms Susan was only teasing and that is the truth.”

I don’t even remember where it went from there.  In circles we went until we pulled around the block and into the driveway.

Thanks Ms. Susan.  We will be talking about literal thinking when we see you on Sunday.  And then we will laugh about it.  🙂