NaBloPoMo Bust and a Special wave hello

Well I did pretty good. I made it 19 days with out missing a post. I am being honest and not back posting for yesterday since the competition for prizes is on the honor system. I could have posted yesterday, it’s not like my computer blew up. I just forgot since I am at my parents’ house and usually just check email real quick from my ipod.

Also hello to my new friend out there, we will be friends by the time you are done. You have blown up my stats today. Feel free to leave a comment when you are done reading all 172 posts.


rough days

I hope we have more days like today and less like yesterday. After a good night’s sleep I might have more to post for you. Good thing there isn’t a minimum word count for nablopomo. 🙂

More social networking

I decided last night that I will not stress out about NaBloPoMo this year.  I did it last year on myspace and while I did post everyday, some of the posts sucked.  Figured you guys are all too busy to read garbage and would rather some more meaningful posts even if they are more sparse.


BUT today I broke down and joined facebook.  You can join my network by clicking the widget in the column.  I had a few reasons.  One being that several of my friends have jumped the myspace ship and are on facebook more.  If I want to see pictures of their kiddos I had to join.  second being I needed a new place to promote my savvy source job.  We have to be self promoters and facebook seems to be the place to do it.

I am moving slowly, but I hate to miss out.  so maybe I will be on twitter next.   AHHHHH!  I used to be a forward thinker and technology innovator.  Now I like being stuck and comfy.