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because I can’t think of anything more original to post than copying the pre-populatedĀ  phrase. nablopomo bites again.

Any questions you want to ask me? put it in the comments and I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Oh something I was going to post about yesterday…

We have an addiction around here. An addiction to books. I ordered a ton from Scholastic book club knowing there was a book fair coming up because the ones from book club are cheaper, you can buy sets, and the teachers are rewarded with classroom books. We still support the bookfair cause it supports the school as a whole, but the book club has more. Anyway, I ordered quite a bit a few weeks ago and had the foresight to order some for now and some for Christmas. That way I wouldn’t be tempted to give them their Christmas presents early. They arrived yesterday. J got some Magic School Bus chapter books (fiction meets science) so he can read a subject that interests him and he can take AR tests on them. Little J got some picture books with Llama Llama, Bear, and Skippy Jon Jones. I love some of the new characters in the newer books. It has been so long since either of them has been interested in me reading to them (J has been reading well above his levelĀ  for years and Little J just wasn’t interested in being still). Now they want to read every night and not just because they have to write in their reading logs for school.

And tomorrow? Late night at the bookfair. After a full day of work (my first this week), we will wrap up the day with more book shopping.

I already admitted it was an addiction right?