Snot on my scrubs

If I worked in a traditional medical office, snot on my scrubs would probably be normal. But I’m an office manager in an eye clinic. Snot is not a part of my day.

Today is the first day back to school after a 2 week spring break. J woke up today adamant that he was no longer going to school. He barely got dressed after putting pajama pants on instead of clothes first. He didn’t eat breakfast. He tried to leave without shoes or me before I was ready. He decided taking a backpack was too much work.

When I got him to school with a lunch box that also contained some breakfast and his binder, he didn’t want to get out of the car. I explained that I had to work and if i don’t make money, he doesn’t get food or fun stuff. So he got out of the van and nearly kicked his binder into the way of on coming traffic.

I stayed in the van watching but it seemed that he was really agitated and being verbally abusive to the parapros who were there with him. So I pulled out of the drop off line and into a parking spot. I went up to hug him (deep sensory input)  and he blew his nose on my scrubs.

I ended up having to walk him in to school. We compromised on going to a life skills room instead of class. I basically left him with hi low expectations. No fit throwing today so you can have electronics time. Electronics time means he can spend his money on Amazon. I told him he’s allowed to feel the way he feels about school but he’s not allowed to act badly about it.

On my way out, I ran into another mom on the sidewalk who I know from special Olympics. She was trying to coach her son to go into his classroom from across the lawn. We acknowledged that it was a rough morning for all of us, a few tears escaped, and I hugged her. We walked out of the school together, hopeful that our kids navigate this Monday well.


Transitions are Killing us!

The short story:

There have been changes in the structure, location, and teachers for Bible Class. This has led to him standing on tables, throwing fits etc. Last night he went into an adjoining room and found a jar of orange powder tempera paint…and proceded to sprinkle, spray and toss it all over the empty room. He was sweaty from playing before class and what stuck to him turned to paint. Yeah that pretty much sums up our month.

As if I need more stress in my life

Our landlady let me know today that the bank is not working with her to modify her mortgage any longer and she will have to let the house go to foreclosure. J took the news of moving very badly. He keeps saying, “I hate moving.” I don’t blame him. Since he was born, this is the 7th house we have rented or owned and that doesn’t include the extended stays with my parents between moves or the weeks spent in temporary living facilities on bases.

Little J can’t figure out the time line and when we left the neighbor’s house tonight, I told him we needed to go home and eat and go to bed and he said “What about going to our new house.” Well since we haven’t even been able to go to see any rentals yet, we don’t have a new house.

J is going to be a wreck come the 1st of the year, I may be too. New house, new teacher (his is moving in December), and Aunt M (my youngest sister in law) is coming to live with us in January. She will be a help but even good change is still change.