The other benefit of sun

Yesterday I talked about how great I felt after getting to talk with my friends as our kids played happily together.

What I realized at 10pm last night: The kids went to bed the FIRST time I layed them down instead of staying up with all kinds of antics for an extra hour.  and this was AFTER they had each taken a great nap as well.

Long afternoons playing outside, running, with friends equals sleep!

Well at least for them.  Me, I’ve had a touch of insomnia lately.

2 comments on “The other benefit of sun

  1. Super! I love it when M goes right to sleep. Does not seem to happen unless she is in a cycle of CVS though.

    I am so glad you had such a great time. I can’t wait till it is warm here again so we can get outside more.

  2. yeah, I’m in the insomnia camp as well – which is really stupid considering I’ve been up every 90 minutes for the last 4 nights … but here I am… reading blogs instead of even trying to sleep while alex is actually sleeping.

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